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Which Pace?
March 18, 2013|LifestyleMental Health

Which Pace?


Whist exercising with a confident and successful woman this week a beautiful sentence came out of her mouth: “Elka, I’m really trying to work out what is the right pace for my life”. Working out how fast to navigate through the jungle of daily life was spoken perfectly and all I could do was think about her rhetorical question over and over again. Aren’t we all trying to work out what level we can set ourselves to without burning both ends or the scales tipping? How do we work out the right ‘pace’ for our lives?

I believe a key answer is flexibility, being able to adjust to the times, the moments, the periods in your life when you need to lift your game and be there to take it on whatever has been dealt to you. You set your pace on what is happening around you at that moment. Being flexible allows you to change gears. I’m at a jogging pace come the weekends and even Monday but come Tuesday through to Thursday I’m basically sprinting. Agendas need to be fulfilled and so I must shift gears. Are you handling, right now, the pace of life you are in? Better still, is the pace you’re in being dictated by you? It should be. After all, they’re your running shoes!

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