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Through His Eyes
July 8, 2013|Lifestyle

Through His Eyes

Chattering away is how he starts his day. He talks to himself, does a few bed tumbles, a few star jumps holding onto the railings and likes to listen to his voice. Seeing our faces gives him great joy and breakfast time, even though its often the same meal he still finds so exciting. It’s like he has never been fed before.

He runs around, open and closes doors, asks for more food, loves hide and seek and finds such amusement in watching a washing machine spin around. Hearing his favourite song come on is like watching the effects of someone who has had 3 shots of espressos, he is a jumping bean.

Through the eyes of our twenty month old son these are the simple and free pleasures he has day over and over again. He worries not for his next meal, or what the time is, when he is tired or what the daily plans are. He simply lives in the time frame he has and finds happiness in all is does.


Somewhere as we grow up we forget this and instead of thinking ‘Now’ we are taught to think of ‘Tomorrow’.
Instead of splashing with bubbles in a bath we prefer not to as otherwise it would cause a lot of mess. At what point did we actually lose our ability to be totally free and have a heart full of happiness in now matter what the day brought us? I’m not sure of the answer but I certainly plan on living through the eyes of my toddler more often. A girlfriend once told me to get down to their eye level, if they lay on the ground lay with them and see the world how they see it. Its truly a lot simpler isn’t it?

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