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So Different For Us All
October 18, 2013|Motherhood

So Different For Us All

Its only in my 3rd pregnancy that I’m actually realising what works best for me. Simple things like limiting my carbohydrate intake and nearly wiping out my dairy intake seems to help me feel lighter and go through the journey of an ever growing stomach more comfortably. I’m careful to substitute these two very important food groups in different areas but I know it works for me.

Being 6months pregnant now you watch, hear and see so many women have all unique pregnancy experiences. Like the hilarious and true movie of “What to Expect When Expecting” each of these six women are at the same stage of delivery and all have very different responses.

You will never receive so much advice in your life journeying into motherhood. Women will throw advice to you without you even asking for it.

I’m always respectful and polite to listen and hear their experiences but I also know that every baby and every woman each have their own way of what works for them. No babies are text book. As I often say there are far too many books on the market for how to prepare but nothing to say “Ok you’ve arrived home with your new born…what next?”.

I find it so ironic in a country of ours that is becoming so regulated with rules, we can birth a human and don’t need to show our passport, licence, pass a drug test, or any indication we can care for the child. We simply have our few days in hospital and off the nurses let us go. No wonder so many women feel overwhelmed!


The simple tips I’m telling myself and sharing with you mummies, expectant and hopeful mums to be is this:
March to your beat through motherhood, never compare yourself or your belly with any one else. If you’re exercising and watching what you eat don’t let the scales affect you. Instead have fun with it. I often joke that I hit the gym every second day but I’m the one who keeps putting on weight each time ha!

Don’t search the internet, it only clouds your mind with way too much information and some crazy stories on it. Finally know this. You’ve been blessed with a gift, a miracle, a human being, baby girl or boy awaits to come into your world. No matter how much you love or hate pregnancy remember after the 9 months you can never re-live it again. Enjoy the process, the good, the bad bits, the changing body bits and above all know your baby will love you more than anyone else. xx

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