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Sing Your Flatness Away
May 13, 2013|LifestyleMental Health

Sing Your Flatness Away

Singing. That was what I found myself doing the other morning whilst I was making our toddlers sandwiches in preparation for the zoo. I hadn’t sung or hummed out loud for a while and, when I did it came as a surprise even to me. It made me realise how truly happy and content I was. When you sing its a real joy (no matter how bad you sound).


We all have weeks of flat lining, things don’t fall the way we expect them to and certain situations may be negative, but as Frauline Maria expresses in Sound of Music “When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything’. I’m secretly inspired by The Voice but don’t intend to ever compete, and I’m not taking singing lessons but lately I’ve been singing out loud around my young family. In the car and in my head. Its a wonderful gift to have a voice no matter how pitchy it may be.

Many years back I remember having a disagreement with my boyfriend (whom is now known as my husband wohoo) and we were arguing. Out of nowhere he started arguing by singing his point of view. We stopped and both laughed, it made us realise how silly we were being.

Patty Mills a well known music guru once said “Singing fortifies health, widens culture, refines the intelligence, enriches the imagination, makes for happiness and endows life with an added zest”. If you sing in the shower or sing along with the radio, consider taking this raw vocal kill to new heights.

This week’s blog is simply designed to make you SING. If I were a psychologist, doctor, professor or lecturer in mental health I would purely say step one to making yourself feel better is to use your voice. Sing anything; loud, slow, fast or soft. It’s great for the soul and it surely makes you smile.

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