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Ruffling Your Routine
February 23, 2016|LifestyleMotherhood

Ruffling Your Routine


  • MONDAY: I drank Champagne in the afternoon; I never do this but our first born had started school for the first time and we had just moved into our new house. Two big milestones.
  • TUESDAY: I stayed up until 1.45am working on a platform I’ve created called Queenhood rising women to know their worth and supporting each other. Sign up below to be a part of a dream team of women.


  • WEDNESDAY: I skipped all the way home from my run. Have you ever seen a grown adult skip in public? It was incredibly liberating regardless of the looks I received from people driving past.
  • THURSDAY: I went upstairs to our room that has no furniture in it and lay on the bare carpet in pitch black to listen to a podcast in total peace.
  • FRIDAY: I decided to start drinking espressos over ice and green tea with ice and water. I mean why not in this hot weather



I’ve ruffled my routine this week, and I love it. I’m already hearing people say to me they are so busy and we are only half way through February; we need to focus on being productive rather than being busy.

Now is the time to set your vision and passion for 2016 to really commence. The way you set up your first few months now, will determine how your year will play out. You may have the ambition to succeed in your work, you may even have a special aptitude for your job and yet you still haven’t moved ahead. You’ve mastered your job but if you haven’t mastered yourself – you won’t move ahead.

The growth of your character can occur only by yourself determined by what and who you allow into your world. More powerful than all the other slogans ever penned by the human hand is the realisation for every person that they have but one boss. That boss is YOU.

Know that there are critics everywhere willing to find a fault at the drop of a hat. Successful people learn to weed out the negative and damaging criticism and find the benefit in the constructive criticism. They believe in themselves, work hard and stay away from negative influences.

Be encouraged, have a tremendous week and if you want to be inspired and around positivity I encourage you to sign up for For The Woman Who Knows Her Worth

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