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Parenthood is ALWAYS NEW. Everyday.
September 18, 2013|Uncategorized

Parenthood is ALWAYS NEW. Everyday.

In the last year she has become one of my closest friends, but the date was an absolute disaster. Todays play date made Jerry Springers shouting matches look as soft as Sesame St.

The aim: For our four combined toddlers to play together in the park and for us both to enjoy a much needed caffeine boost. The result ended in shouting matches between the two year olds and a joint decision for us to call it quits. Our mighty young warriors, the future generation of the world had won.

Their tiredness was evident and they had worn each other down. One thing you learn as a parent is you can not choose the moods your young toddlers will take on.

Within the first ten minutes of meeting up at lovely Centennial park all our children had demolished their packed lunches we had made and still insisted they were hungry. We had four toddlers under four, totally gorgeous yet strong in their own personalities. No one wanted to share today, and so there were tears, tantrums along with the typical toddler expressions ” You’re not my best friend anymore”, “Go away” and the icing on the cake; spitting in each other faces. There were pushes, shoves and even the duck feeding was a big flop. The geese came a little too close so their fears were heightened, and our security tightened. What should of been an exciting exercise ended up in a chorus of whimpering and frightening cries.

The irony was both my girlfriend and I were still peaceful in the chaos of it all. This is why I love Emma Mullings ( We share similar parenting philosophies, we choose to ACT instead of REACT to situations. We know that toddlers will be toddlers and all we can do is repeat discipline and follow through.

As we both drove home we spoke to our husbands and told them of the epic fail. Yet through it all two stunning photos were taken of the horrendous ordeal and resulted in these.

photo-1-300x225  photo-2-300x225

Sometimes photos will show you a glimpse of a spectacular moment. We happened to capture it. I’ve decided I’m really a mother now that I’ve finally had my first official disatorous play date.

Thanks Em, it was a blast sharing it with you!

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