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August 27, 2013|Uncategorized


One of our nearest and dearest friends who speaks such words of wisdom recently told us to never skip or skimp on a holiday. Its the only time to switch off and engage with each other. I couldn’t agree more.

We have just returned home from a truly wondrous vacation in Fiji. To have dinner every night under the stars with my husband, to talk about life, dreams and aspirations in actual depth with no watch, no agenda and no finish time, was priceless. We indulged in day siestas, swung on hammocks and saw every sunrise and sunset (thanks to early waking toddlers).

I read books, took long lunches and all around me was quietness. No ‘Sydney pace’ and most of all no phone. Complete disengagement.

Social media did not matter, I had no urge to check twitter, facebook, instagram or the latest news. No desire to share our perfect pictures with the world either. What matter was on the island, my family and our time.


You know a holiday is a holiday when you feel no pressure or commitment to anything or anyone. You take notice of small things even more. You engage with your waiter and find out about their world. You don’t make your bed, and you go makeup free. Thats a holiday to me.

Regardless of your income, budget or financial position don’t wait until you’re about to burn out for a break. Whether its a quick get away or a long planned holiday, make sure you invest time, space and money into your lives by stopping the noise in the everyday grind and going away!


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