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Mouthing Off
March 6, 2013|Uncategorized

Mouthing Off


So far this year I’ve counted 3 verbal sentences in hindsight I wish I had taken a moment longer to reconstruct. Nothing serious, just wanting to change my habits of how it’s delivered. I’m asking for a silent “Be quiet Elka” or “No need to answer that one so quickly Elka” in my head and it has been effective. I can be quite direct. My husband says I’m very black and white. I know it’s true and need to find an extra measure of grace to see the grey in-between for life’s often complicated circumstances. A wise girlfriend of mine told me: “Elka, you must find an extra measure of grace”. It resonated in me. As such, one of my most personal aims (not so personal anymore) this year was to ask myself what needed to change in me to be a better version of who I am right now. It’s tough to actually face that question, as I’m sure all of us do at some point and say: “Hey do I really like myself… Do we like our thoughts, our preconceived ideas, our opinions and the way we react?.” I know there is a lot of changing to do and am ready to face the challenge. I am paying extra attention to what is going on in those thoughts of mine; the 60,000 thoughts we average a day and then what is coming out of my mouth. The easiest example I can share is with my husband. So many times when I’m ready to answer, or justify, I stop, look outside the window where I do the dishes and ask myself: “will saying this achieve anything that can lift him up or brighten the conversation?” In conversations whether they’re with loved ones, friends or colleagues, I believe we don’t truly appreciate that our greatest tool is actually our tongue. Our words are our most powerful weapon. What comes out of our mouths show our character and the person we are. Do you enjoying what’s coming out of your mouth? Something at least to ponder over in the next 172 hours!

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