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Losing It
January 28, 2016|Motherhood

Losing It

“Why did you leave the front door open?” I asked in a strong, fearful and direct manner to my girlfriend who was looking after our 3 young children.

Receiving a call after coming off air on Channel 7’s Sunrise, I never expected it was to tell me our middle son Edison was lost. Not found for 10 minutes, my friend then decided to call me and both of us went into panic mode. I asked the taxi driver to speed up and she ran down the street calling his name.

My mind wandered to someone grabbing him, gone for good and I felt an emotion that was beyond any pain or sadness endured in a life that can be unfair and cruel. After the longest seven minutes, he was found whimpering under his bed because no one found him when he wanted to play “Hide and Seek” (we’ve since explained to him that to play that game you NEED to let people know).

It made me ponder how often we want to be found but don’t let anyone in and instead walk through a tough time by ourselves.

I saw a brilliant quote the other day saying: “It’s wonderful to be LOST in the RIGHT direction”.

We will all walk through some big and beautiful moments this year, we may also walk through some testing and tough times; so be bold enough to make sure the people that love you enough know how you’re REALLY navigating the situation and be aware to have only TRUTH spoken in your world.

What we allow ourselves to hear in our worlds is vitally important for our attitudes and our outlook.

Have positive, encouraging and uplifting voices in your world. People who lift you up and not put you down. People that truly CHEERLEAD you in whatever field you’re aspiring towards.

Remember you’re a great person, a tremendous parent, a loving mother, an observant listener, a top employee or employer, a caring friend, a humourous spouse and a “GO TO person.” Be that light to all, so when they leave they are left brighter and inspired.

It’s YOUR year, let 2016 be Golden!!!



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