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Just Five Minutes
June 5, 2013|LifestyleMental Health

Just Five Minutes

‘Five minutes more’ is heard a lot from young toddlers to delay going to bed. Its also heard from adults when we are running late, expressing that we are ‘just around the corner’. And often when your spouse has the annoying illuminating iPad light on, in bed reading late at night.

Its a term thats seen as a justification of your current status. BUT recently when my husband walks inside our house in the evenings, the four of us have gathered around the living room and we spend FIVE MINUTES together. Talking, or dancing or just being. We ask each other questions, have a dance but mainly lots of cuddles with the cubs. Its only about five minutes but those five minutes are priceless and the best end to the day.


Like many females out there, I’m a woman wearing three hats; Wife, Mother and my identity. A quiet cafe on a busy street at the right time in the mornings, I sit and put my phone away. I soak that sunshine in. I really enjoy the silence of not being needed or wanted. Not missing anything or anyone. Having five minutes to me.

Can you find just five minutes in a day to do something special? Whether its family time, or for yourself. Make sure you find ‘that’ moment.

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