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It’s OK To Siesta
February 3, 2013|Lifestyle

It’s OK To Siesta

Last weekend when we put our two toddlers to bed we both knew it was only a matter of moments before we gave ourselves a siesta. We hadn’t done so in a long time. Normally we clean the house, do computer work, read the papers or entertain.

The sleep lasted for just under 3 hours and it was sensational. I awoke to see the time say 4.15pm and it was strange, the house was completely silent (something I’m not that use to anymore).

I laid in bed and thought of al the times I’ve placed my head down during times of the year when the weeks have been full. Whether it be a 20min power nap, a short 5 min refresher as my husband can easily do, or a deep long 90min snooze. I rest when I need to and I’m not ashamed to say so.

I’m a morning person without an alarm I’m happily awake anytime between 5.40am-6.20am and when I’m up, out the doors I go undertaking some form of exercise. A siesta helps me fuel the second part of the day. Not only as mother but as productive woman who is working in media,


and also working behind the scenes to build a company. Resting replenishes me and I’ve learnt not to feel guilty. I am more productive and equally happier as I’ve listened to my body. You can be a woman of capacity with siestas.

In 2010 a study was done on women between the ages of 22-50 who have naps more than twice a week . The results showed the 2 biggest differences were increased memory and a surge in creativity.

We must try to fit them in when you need to and when your body tells you so. Your body is your engine. Treat it the best you can. You’ll never get another one.

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