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Its Not Over Yet
October 30, 2013|Uncategorized

Its Not Over Yet

We have 8 weeks remaining of 2013 yet I hear so many people talk about their year of hopes,disappointments and goals not made. They have already written off the year instead of realising the potential still left in it.

There are 62 days left of the year and that is a lot. That’s 1,334 hours left to achieve a goal, fulfil commitments and encourage others.


We place such importance of time when in fact we should be placing more importance on the quality of life we spend rather than the seconds that tick by.

Don’t look back on this year just yet. It’s not over and there is much more left of it. You still have time to make a difference to your life and others. So here’s your challenge: Ask yourself are you fit enough? Healthy enough? Happy in your relationships around you?. Let this be your aim for the remainder of the 2 months. If you can conquer them then you will already start 2014 with an advantage.


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Elka Whalan
With her vibrant personality and positive attitude ELKA WHALAN (nee Graham) has successfully made the transition from Dual Olympic Swimmer to media personality.