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October 31, 2014|LifestyleMental Health


For the past year I’ve been calling “HYC” Half Yearly Clearances on my social media apps.
I cleanse.

I delete Twitter, Instagram and Facebook from my phone. I don’t comment or like anything and I happily leave the social world. I find it easy to do. I simply switch off from people’s posts, their views, holidays, face book brags and rants and all the crazy, fun and ultimately time wasting entertainment online.
I actually live instead.

It’s invigorating and totally refreshing. Lately I’ve been doing it way more often. Less time on the phone and less time looking, caring, thinking and feeling what snaps and comments people are putting up.

I do enjoy social media I use it for many purposes. To keep in touch with some of our nearest and dearest friends from overseas, to laugh  and enjoy peoples posts, points of views and new learning I may acquire. Its also a wonderful way to stay connected to the many circles of friends we all have in our lives. BUT I live life just fine without I. I miss out on nothing and the people I want to stay connected with I do. You know what I do. I pick up the phone and CALL them!

What’s important to remember with social media is it’s all subjective. We posts pictures and moments that generally make life look incredible. You’ll never or rarely see someone post a shot of a husband and wife mid in argument but their latest holiday or the romantic dinner they are on. People will post the healthy life they are living, or food they are preparing, the new gym gear they bought or the latest, greatest and trendiest eatery.There are a thousand pictures of people in exercise gear or the workout they’ve done. We are all guilty of it.

Our amazing friend told us last week we are not in the people business but the relationship business. It’s not about attaining more followers or becoming friends with someone on facebook and commenting, yet you wouldn’t talk to them in the street.

Social media is making it so easy to hide behind our phones, “post” “like” “comment” and if we don’t like an image we can filter it or delete it.


With all this conviction I’ve strongly been feeling here are etiquettes I do believe are important and, I myself try to go by with social media.

1: If someone actually calls you to talk and leaves a message then have the courtesy to answer them back by the phone. Don’t post a thousand more images and then ring to say “I’m sorry I’ve been so busy”

2: Post with purpose. Ask yourself what’s your motive to share it?  Will it bring a smile to people or a laugh?, will it in turn be worth sharing so we can help someone? 

3: Don’t let your phone and social media RUN you.
You run it!

Enjoy your social media but remember it’s ok to switch off from it and simply live life with what you’re doing right this moment.
Call someone and really connect, write a letter and post it. For those who have the time and make the time meet face to face with a person.
Let’s be best friends with people and not our phones

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