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February 17, 2013|ExerciseLifestyle



She dropped effortlessly and did the splits. Not short of breath she spoke the entire sixty minutes of our class explaining what routine we would do next. I was sweating, my legs burned, and I constantly had to remind myself to keep my shoulders down and stomach muscles pulled in. My technique was hideous. I was counting down the minutes to the conclusion of class. Here I was thinking how super fit and strong I was, while the teacher put my core strength to shame. My stomach shook uncontrollably when doing reversible crunches.

As the session came to a close I noticed she was wearing three bras and just below, was sporting a sizeable belly. Eight weeks left to go she told me until her first baby arrived. I was in awe, inspired, and humbled in every way. ‘Me fit?’ Perhaps in an aerobic sense, perhaps in a swimming pool or running around a park, I thought as I drove home. Put me in a new arena and I’m like a fish learning to navigate on land. I left class just amazed at how pregnant this woman was, I’m sure she will literally cough her baby out.

The next morning on my debut on Channel 7’s Sunrise, I was humbled to meet two prominent women editors from two of Australias major print publications. I have followed their work and was excited to sit alongside such inspiring women. One of the women told me she had up to 1000 emails a day. The other had two young boys and worked 70 hour weeks. Again I was flat-lined. Utterly humbled. Women’s capacities are extraordinary and endless.

It’s been an eye opening, heart filling and soul-fuelling week of feeling humbled. The act of humbleness is “to be meek or modest in spirit”. Each day I seek to find those who balance inspiration with humbleness. It makes me see differently. Like a lens being put over my eyes and the veil of ones pride being lifted I appreciate greatness.

Every day, all around us there are individuals who exemplify just how incredible the human race is. We are often caught up in our own world to recognize every day tremendous feats.

Just how often do you allow yourself to be truly humbled by appreciating someone else’s achievements.

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Elka Whalan
With her vibrant personality and positive attitude ELKA WHALAN (nee Graham) has successfully made the transition from Dual Olympic Swimmer to media personality.