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Gossip Is Rarely Good
May 21, 2013|Uncategorized

Gossip Is Rarely Good

Ladies, have you ever caught yourself having a gossip?


Slandering off about someone to make yourself feel better about yourself? The girlfriend you’re talking to thinks like you, and agrees. It makes you feel better when in fact all you’re expressing is negativity. It’s a toxic discussion.

We seem to gravitate towards arguments or disagreements that don’t necessarily involve us. We love reading magazines that put someone else down and delight in their so called faults (portrayed by the media). It is most likely you have never met them but automatically form an opinion based on someone else’s commentary and label that woman as ‘high maintenance’.

I don’t believe all woman gossip but too many of us gossip; we don’t place enough value on ourselves or those around us. If gossip starts what do you do? I attempt to remove myself from the conversation and listen to their words; for what comes from a person’s mouth speaks their heart.

Women can walk into a room and automatically size each other down by what we wear, how our hair looks, and if weight has been lost or gained. This is our gender’s downfall. So many women will lift themselves up at the expense of others. We are not uniting together in the way women should.

There is great value in being a woman. We are unique. We each have our own presence. We are amazing. But are you amazing to be around? Are you thrilled for the girlfriend in your life that is successful instead of being resentful or envious? When women do come together passionately, success is imminent. We become a force of huge power and potential. Women are wondrous.

I’ve been looking at the ladies in my life these past few months; ladies of worth and who I describe as pure diamonds. Women that shine no matter when I see them regardless of how their week has been. They speak with uplifting words and truly embrace who they are. They carry an air of confidence that anything can be achieved. I love being around women who are secure; they rejoice honestly in their girlfriend’s highs and feel inspired rather than jealous.

I consciously aim to spend more time with women of worth. Women who value themselves and embrace the differences and successes of others. Women who are also true enough to challenge you honestly and inspire you to greater success.
Are you a woman of value?

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