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March 23, 2016|LifestyleMental HealthMotherhoodUncategorized


I’m positive I love festivities more than my children. This year’s Easters show was no exception. I had a star reward chart for the boys to reach 10 stars in order to go. The night before they had only tallied 6, and so I added 4 more for my benefit to allow this self imposed guideline of mine to happen.
Away we went, bursting through the lines (They even let my 4 year old in for free) $40.50 to enter as my 2 young boys bounced through the gates to an awe inspiring colourful sight of exposed toys, overpriced rides, jumping castles and so many incredible agriculture stations.

easter show edi smile

We had photos in front of all the diggers and farm trucks, had our passport stamped at the animal nursery, chuckled at the snoring pigs, and enjoyed 3 rides which included the famous colourful super doopa slide as our 2 year old clung to my neck for his dear life. Yes we paid a ridiculous $10 for a small cup of strawberries and chocolates…oh but the taste was worth it. We ate sausages rolls which I never do,and had our hands dirty making our own plant which you can take home as well to put in your garden. We patted baby crocodiles and stroked iguanas at the Australian outback whilst avoiding the show room pavilion. For all those mummies with children under 5 years, if they don’t know about show bags don’t take them there.
I introduced them to the cake decorating and art dome and of course the amazing fresh food tent where the incredible farmers again put on a spectacular display of the locally grown veggies and fruits.
We jammed packed a lot in for the 2.5hours we were there.
If you’re tossing up about going do it.It only happens once a year. Sure there is a free one at Fox studios BUT its nothing like the Royal Easter Show.

DO: Park in P3 its a 5 minute walk and you do avoid the traffic congestion.

DON’T: Go on Good Friday it’s their busiest day and very crowded.

DO: Jump online to book for children cooking classes so you don’t miss out.

DO: Pack snacks ( I had fruits, popcorn and sandwiches so it doesn’t end up costing a fortune) plus there is nothing really healthy out there.

DO: Have a pram its very spread out

DO: Visit the wood chopping the children love the fast paced men hacking away at the wood and the buzz of it all

DO: Take time to teach your children of the rich and vast land Australia has. The country folk there are lovely to chat and teach you so much

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