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Don’t be busy!
November 25, 2012|Lifestyle

Don’t be busy!

I’ve never liked the word “busy” you don’t want a busy friend, a busy partner, a busy anyone. I say my time is full but I’ll always make time for things I put first. In a world where we are continually trying to find more seconds in the day simplicity is my answer. What NEEDS to be done rather than what SHOULD be done. Allowing the world to wait as I put first my priorities; family, health, career and always having time to laugh.

Lately I’ve been asking myself what is the “white noise” in my life? The answers arrived as fast as Usain Bolt; social media and feeling the need to catch up with people before the year rounds out. Sound familiar?

Asking yourself some tough questions is very daunting. Often you know the answers but don’t want to hear them. I heard them and I listened. Now it’s action time.
I discovered my clearest thoughts are when I exercise in the morning. It’s just me. Not a mum, not a wife, just Elka – A woman. Secure and excited about the day coming up.

The hardest part is actually waking up and choosing to jump out of bed. The easy bit is once you’re out the door. Regardless of what form of exercise you take on, being part of seeing the sun rise and the day starting, you appreciate how special that time is.
Some of the most overused sentences in today’s world are: “Ive been so busy”, “Have you been busy lately?” “Now’s not a good time, I’m really busy”. I do understand this but remember we are all sharing exactly the same amount of seconds in a day as everyone else. 86,400 seconds to be exact. Use another word. The definition of busy is ‘actively or fully engaged; occupied; crowded with or characterized by activity’ .
Alot of people say they are “busy” as it makes them feel important. There is nothing wrong with not using that word. Actually, it would be far more refreshing if they didn’t.

My challenge to you this week is to substitute busy for ‘full’, ‘crowded’, or ‘at capacity’. We have an extensive English vocabulary. Cut out the white noise, start being available and whatever you do, please don’t tell me you are busy!

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