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Can You Do Nothing?
March 25, 2013|LifestyleMental Health

Can You Do Nothing?


I’ve lost the ability and the art to do NOTHING. It’s really disturbing me. Seriously. “It’s alright to do nothing you know”. Was it a sign that I turned on the television at that particular moment when the cartoon character voiced this? So I sat, thought and attempted to do nothing. Whilst I sat there I could actually hear all the thoughts inside my mind, that were very full, over active and consuming.I tried again to be still, silent, think of nothing; do nothing. I couldn’t. I don’t want to take a meditation course or herbal tablets.I don’t want to have to fly to a tropical destination to revive this lost art of mine. I want to know I can do nothing whenever I want and be able to shift into that headspace.Thing is, I really can’t – Can you? Doing nothing means being a human BEing, just BEING. Not be a human DOing which is what life is fast becoming. The routine, daily disciplines, actions, responsibilities; always something we are DOing. But what about NOTHING? It almost doesn’t make sense to ‘do [verb = the action] nothing [noun which means… well, nothing!]. The dictionary expresses nothing as: no thing; not anything; naught. As an active person and a woman who loves achieving, I’m not saying lets just stop altogether and do nothing, it’s important to STOP, turn off all media, sit, stand, lie whatever it may be. Attempt to shut off your thoughts and re-learn to just BE. If you want a quick re-cap how to do nothing, watch any 4wk-10wk old baby laying down, or resting in someone’s arms and be completely content. We do have enough time in this life to accomplish what we want, but there needs to be moments of STOPPING. The most successful television TV series still to this day was a show about NOTHING. Thank you Seinfeld, perhaps I need to watch you again. Series marathon anyone?

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