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Beautiful Motherhood Mania
October 1, 2013|Motherhood

Beautiful Motherhood Mania

Leaving the house at 5.50am I embraced an hour to myself and was alive after conquering the Bondi to Bronte power walk. I made a killer protein smoothie and was ready for a day with three amazing children. My two toddlers and my near nine year old niece.

With only 17wks left until our number three baby enters the world it was almost a test to myself to see If I could fit in as many activities as possible and tick each individual child’s needs.

We hit the park first and had it all all to ourselves. We swung, we slipped, slid and we played hide and seek. Everyone became hungry quickly, but with a grin on my face I knew I had packed enough for an entire girls brigade. Only problem was everyone wasn’t really hungry; they were ravenous. So whilst listening to disney tunes in the car stationary, they all devoured their morning tea and lunch I made. It was 9.30am.

Agenda two: The beach. Sun screen was applied, and holding hands was the name of the game to get across the lights, down the busy footpath and conquer the steep stairs. We made it.

Towels were laid, check. Costumes, put on, rash vest applied, slip, slop ,slap. I had a brief moment where I actually had the chance to think “I wonder if my hair is frizzy or ” Will I still be able to fit into this costume now the small bowl of pasta in my tummy is starting to protrude?”.

Oh the beach was bliss I was quietly saying “Elka you’ve done well”. We danced, swam, drew in the sand and loved the sunshine. We hit the cafe where I showered them, ordered some lunch and changed them all. Gee I was impressed with myself. I was calm,and in control. I could do 10 children I was thinking to myself. My bubble of confidence was overflowing.


Then the fun part of motherhood arose from no where. As I went to pay, I discovered it was cash only. I am a card carrying wallet lady only. CRUNCH. The lady behind the counter had no sympathy. In the split second I was realising this error of mine I heard a loud crash and scream. Our 20month son Edison had decided after his banana bread was finished he would smash the plate down like the greeks do after finishing a meal. It shattered everywhere and in the process scared him out of his wits. With tears streaming down his chubby cheeks as fast as high tide was rising I scrambled to clean up and in the process cut my finger. What could I do? Nothing I had a bag of wet towels, costumes to carry,blood dripping and I had no where to hide.

In my moment of knowing every person who was at the cafe was watching me, an amazing lady came up to me to not only pay the outstanding amount of $10 but encourage me in the moment where I was outnumbered by 3 excitable children. I did not know her and she didn’t even have children herself but that gesture of not only encouraging my day but actually paying for me made my day feel higher than I already felt it was.

You see I truly love being a mother more than anything (well wife #1). This lady showed grace and compassion, She could see me clutching and she broke my ego barrier down to offer me help.

Her gesture never left me even when we arrived home. With all three children happily jumping on the trampoline I put 3 loads of washing on. Emailed my husband the weeks diary. Hung all 3 loads out. Put one baby down, then twenty minutes later the other.

I baked a cake, made a lasagne form scratch, watched my niece paint, as I cleaned the kitchen from the mornings eatings and played her game of “Lets ask a thousand questions” which is truly wonderful as children have the most beautiful imaginations. Madison then asked for her nails to be painted, followed by a foot scrub and massage on each other, and then 3 games of UNO.

The time was 2.30pm I had successfully ticked all their needs.

The day was a success. Back aching and ligaments stretching I stole 60 seconds upstairs in our bedroom couch when my husband walked into the door and all that kept coming into my head was that amazing lady that took the time to offer such a generous gift of encouragement when I needed it most.

There are so many wonderful and loving people in the world. We read the front page of papers or see top news stories on TV of the tragedies of life but this woman showed there is still so much light left even in our own suburbs.

As for the beach, it was a blast and I did it, but next time I’ll be sure to have my husband journey it with me.

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